Aug 2021. Junction between CA-52 and I-805.


Dec '20

PhD application for Fall'21 submitted.

Oct '20

New features of Hoogle+ are published to OOPSLA'20.

Jan '20

I won Third Place at POPL'20 SRC and had a good time attending my first conference.

Dec '19

Finished creating my first website.

May '19

My 18th birthday! The photo on the top is taken in the same month, when we have a road trip to Big Bear Lake, CA.


My first name is pronounced zi /*[ts]əʔ/ teng /təŋ/. I also go by Zetten.

I was born in Shanxian, Shandong (map).

I am fortunate to know Ziteng Yang- we share both the same spellings of the first name and research interests in PL.

The Dark Side of the \ldots

Occasionally, I share strange things to amuse people for my very own emotional support. Here is something you may proceed with caution.